Tumorous Interventional Micro-invasive Treatment

It is a new-style treatment with minor trauma, also called Minimally Invasive Interventional Therapy. It can be highly targeted and not damage the surrounding tissue. Commonly, patients can resume normal activities in the 12 hours after surgery; and they can leave hospital in 5-7days. Besides, it can also be taken repeatedly and according to the different stages over and over. What's more, it can also unite with a variety of technology application to achieve more ideal effect.

Tumorous Interventional Micro-invasive Treatment is a modern high-tech minimally invasive treatment. Patients will introduce the special catheter or guide wire, etc into patient's body, make a more accurate diagnosis and take local treatment under the guidance of medical imaging equipments.

In treating cancer, it can be divided into 2 types: Vascular interventional treatment and Non vascular interventional treatment.

Interventional Treatment

The latter mainly uses all kinds of instruments to diagnose and treat the tainted organs with tumors under the guidance of medical imaging equipments, like X-ray, CT, B ultrasound or MRI, etc. This treatment can be used on lung cancer, esophageal stent placement of esophagus cancer and so on.

Dispensing with surgery, just local anaesthesia is OK for patients, which reduces the risk. Patients with small trauma will recover soon and have lower incidence of complications. Tumorous Interventional Micro-invasive Treatment can protect the normal organs furthest. Most of patients can receive this treatment for its small toxic side effects.

What's more, nursing patients' health after operation is also necessary. Proper nutrition is good for you to prevent the relapse and the metastasis of carcinoma. Besides, keeping a good mood is also helpful for patients to improve their disease condition. And regular inspection is a necessary for patients to take control of your own health, avoiding more severe injury.

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