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Would My Father to Take Dialysis in the Course of Creatinine 4.8

Would my father to take dialysis with creatinine Is 4.8? Creatinine level can reflect kidney function to some extent, the poor kidney function leads to the appearance of high creatinine....

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Is There Any Alternative Therapies for Patients that not Want to Take Dialysis?

“Is there any alternative therapies for patients that not want to take dialysis? DOCTOR, I want to seek for alternative therapy to treat dad’s CKD stage 4 and because he refuses to take dialysis...

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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treat Symptoms for PKD Patients not to Take Dialysis

“I have two kidney cysts on each kidney. 1.8cm. I have pain on the left side and the doctor said the shape was irregular and the cyst was a little calcified, fatigue, bloated belly, pain in my left side.” How to alleviate serious symptom...

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