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Stem Cell Therapy

Creatinine 423 for Renal Atrophy Reduced By Stem Cell Therapy Is Possible

Renal atrophy is a pathological anatomy term, based on the volume of the kidney and the person's age, gender and body height and weight compared with each other, relatively small or significantly reduced an anomaly. Kidney disease for a long...

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Can Use Stem Cell Therapy As The Alternative to Dialysis for High Creatinine

Can use Stem Cell Therapy as the alternative to Dialysis for High Creatinine? In fact, people have heard about Stem Cell Therapy but they do not know the real function of it. So that even though they know this therapy but they do not willing...

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Why Patients with CKD Prefer to Choose Stem Cell Therapy Other Than Dialysis

As a matter of fact Dialysis is also still the most common choice for patients with CKD. It is really helpful for patients with kidney diseases to alleviate the symptoms and reduce parts of painful. ...

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Does Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat CKD from Its Root

Does Stem Cell Therapy can treat CKD from its root? People have found the new treatment for CKD for decades of years even hundreds of years. Especially about the recent years, that more and more patients with kidney disease want to treat dis...

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Stem Cell Therapy Is Treatment Option for Kidney Failure Without Dialysis

Stem Cell Therapy Is Treatment Option for Kidney Failure Without Dialysis. People are very familiar with Dialysis and only a small number of people know ahout Stem Cell Therapy. This kind of therapy will be the most popular treatment for Kid...

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Is There A Must For Patients with End Stage Kidney Failure to Take Kidney Transplant

Is there a must for patients with End Stage Kidney Failure to take Kidney Transplant? In fact Kidney Transplant is no longer the best way for Patients with Kidney Failure to choose. Safe and finical question have become into the mainly quest...

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Confusion in Dialysis: Causes and Treatment

Compared with low blood pressure and skin itching, mental confusion isnt so common in dialysis, but some patients on dialysis do have this complaint. Since it affects patients life quality, it is a must to find out causes and treatment of c...

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Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure Kidney Failure

Can Stem Cell Therapy cure kidney failure? Kidney Failure is always companied with many other problems. All of these problems can affect patients life quality and shorten their life span largely, so some patients even think kidney failure i...

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How to Lower Blood and Sugar in Urine for IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy can also present Nephrotic Syndrome. Most of IgA Nephropathy patients have recurrent blood in urine. Only in some cases, sugar appears in the urine. Well then, how to lower blood and sugar in urine for IgA Nephropathy patient...

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How to Increase Urine Output for People with Shrunken Kidneys

Two shrunken kidneys reveal kidneys are losing their functioning tissues gradually,and it is common to find urine output declines along with kidney shrinking. Well, is there a treatment to increase urine output for people with shrunken kidne...

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