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A New Milestone in Rescuing CKD Patients

On August 22, 2014,a medical aid program for CKD patients in straitened circumstances start operations officially today. This special project is set up in speciality by Hebei Red Cross and Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital....

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Innovative TCM Helps Peter Get Rid of the Risk of Death

PKD,the abbreviation of (Polycystic Kidney Disease),is a kind of genetic systemic diseases that will mainly damage kidneys. Here the article will introduce you a PKD patient,which may can encourage you to live better....

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Change Your Kidney Atrophy and Improve Your Renal Function

For patients with Kidney Atrophy,treating their protopathy is the fundamental way to stop the development of renal damage. Here the story is a real story about a patients with Kidney Atrophy,hoping this can help you have the courage to fight...

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A New Hope for Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

On June 18,in Shijiazhuang,a public assistance program for hospitalized children was officially launched in Shijiazhuang....

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Creatinine 370 and Sleep Problem in Polycystic Kidney Disease

With the progress of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), patients may develop various symptoms and problems. Creatinine 370 and sleep problems may affect patients quality largely, so many patients try to find some effective treatments. One of...

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How to Ease Numbness and Coldness in Fingers for PKD

Generally, PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is asymptomatic in the early stage. However, as time goes on, patients may experience more and more symptoms such as numbness and coldness in fingers, feeling sick, skin itching, back pain, etc. Al...

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Kidney Disease Hospital in China: the Most Reliable One

Internet users in sina.com, one of the biggest portals in China, voted the most reliable hospitals and doctors who had made outstanding contributions in 2013. After several months selection, it held an awards ceremony for these hospitals an...

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The Annual Gold Physician: Tang Junting in Best Kidney Disease Hospital of China

January 6th in 2014 is one great day for both patients and doctors in China, because sina.com in this special day held Chinas Annual Health Ceremony. After months of online selection, Tang Junting is awarded the Annual Gold Physician. Numer...

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CKD Patients from 64 Countries Receive Chinese Osmotherapy Here

Merry Christmas to Kidney Disease Patients All Over the World! In this special day, this party is held to bring our best wishes for all people who are fighting against chronic kidney disease. Until now, renal patients from 64 countries have...

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A Successful Escape from Dialysis

Brief introduction to the patient Tima Kaeryo, a 59 years old man, comes from Papua New Guinea. He suffers from CKD stage 5. Before he comes to China, his serum creatinine reaches 1142 umol/L and BUN 33.5 mmol/L and his urine output is less...

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