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Causes and Treatment to Severe Proteinuria in Minimal Change Disease

Minimal Change Disease is the most common cause of Nephrotic Syndrome. Many people with Minimal Change Disease complain severe proteinuria. What causes proteinuria and how to treat it? In the following, you can find the answer. What causes...

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How to Reduce High Creatinine 3.24 for Minimal Change Disease

In clinic, Minimal Change Disease (MCD) usually presents Nephropathy Syndrome, thats to say, patients have obvious proteinuria, swelling, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia. If patients are tested out high creatinine level like creatinine 3...

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How to Treat Relapses for Children with MCD

Minimal change disease is a main cause of nephrotic syndrome, and it often has some obvious symptoms like proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and blood urine. Compared with other pathological pattern of nephrotic syndrome...

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How to Diagnose Minimal Change Disease

Minimal change disease (MCD) is a common glomerular disease which usually happens among children. MCD usually occurs on the children who are 1-6 years old, and about 10%-30% adults may also get MCD. Recently, some patients ask us about how...

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Diet for Patients With Minimal Change Disease

Patients with minimal change disease often have the symptoms such as proteinuria, swelling and high cholesterol. If they want to remedy their illness, they should have effective treatments. Otherwise, they should also pay attention to their...

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Can Patients With Minimal Change Disease eat Egg

Can patients with minimal change disease eat egg? This is a common question for patients with MCD. For kidney patients, they should have a strict diet and they should know exactly what to eat and what not to eat. Having a correct diet will...

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How to Control the Symptom of Swelling for Patients with MCD

For patients with minimal change disease, they often have the symptom of swelling. Then some patients may have question like how to control the symptom of swelling for patients with MCD. Why patients with minimal change disease have the sym...

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The Main Treatments of Minimal Change Disease

Minimal change disease has the symptoms of easily remission but easily reappear, and the prognosis of MCD is good with less than 5% patients developing into end stage kidney failure. Therefore, if patients get MCD, they should have the conf...

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What Causes Minimal Change Disease

If you are diagnosed with minimal change disease (MCD), your doctor may also tell you have Nephropathy Syndrome. This is because quite a number of Nephrotic Syndrome cases are due to MCD. Well, what causes minimal change disease? Firstly, g...

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What Are Common Symptoms of Minimal Change Disease (MCD)

Minimal change disease (MCD) is one underlying cause of Nephrotic Syndrome, which is seen commonly in children and occasionally in adult. With this type of kidney disease, patients are more likely to have some symptoms. The following is an...

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