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Kidney Failure

Does Renal Failure Cause Muscles to Jerk

If you are experiencing renal failure, or kidney failure, you may deeply understand that complications of renal failure are sometimes more excruciating that renal failure itself. Muscle is just one potential tissue involved commonly in kidn...

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Herbal Remedies to Repair Kidney Damage

When less blood flows into kidneys or some harmful substances attack kidneys, kidney inherent cells will be damaged gradually. As introduced by kidney experts, herbal remedies, compared with western medicines, have a superiority on repairin...

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Life Expectancy for Kidney Failure Without Dialysis

Dialysis is one treatment option that can enable kidney failure patients to live longer. However, quite a number of these patients refuse to do dialysis, for being tired of undergoing dialysis treatment regularly or various side effects. In...

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Why Patient With Kidney Failure Often Has Hypertension

Hypertension is a common symptom in patient with kidney failure. It is caused by patients kidney damage, and it can also aggravate patients condition severely. Why patient with kidney failure often has hypertension? Kidney has the function...

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Why Patient With Kidney Failure Should Be Careful In Their Protein Intake

Patient with kidney failure has many restrictions in their diet, and protein intake is a aspect that should especially be paid attention to. Many patients may have this doubt, why they should be careful in their protein intake? Important nu...

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How To Improve The Kidney Function Of Patient With Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a stage that kidney loses its function partially or completely, and it is a very severe condition. Thereby, is there any way that is effective in improving patients kidney function? Kidney consists of nephrons, and there a...

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How Can Kidney Failure Be Diagnosed

Kidney failure is a condition that patients kidney function is lost partially or completely. Kidney failure is a very severe condition, and there is no cure for this condition. Patients may have this question: How can kidney failure be diag...

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How Long Can Kidney Failure Patient Live Without Dialysis

How long can kidney failure patient live without dialysis? In fact, this depends on many factors. Kidney failure means a state that partial or all kidney function is damaged. When patient is in stage five kidney failure, which means patient...

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What Are The Causes Of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a condition that kidney loses its function partially or throughly. As we know, kidney is an important organ of body, so kidney failure is a terrible stage of kidney disease. Thereby, what are the causes of kidney failure?...

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What Diet Is Suitable For Patient With Kidney Failure

Kidney failure patients need to have strict restrictions in their diet, because diet can make a significant influence to their health condition. Thereby, what diet is suitable for patient with kidney failure? Appropriate protein intake Pati...

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