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Kidney Failure Treatment

Chinese Healing for Chronic Kidney Failure

As western medicines only can control patients’ symptoms and slow down the progress of kidney failure, more and more kidney experts focus on finding out Chinese healing for Chronic Kidney Failure....

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Burdock Root Benefits for Decreased Kidney Function

Burdock root has been used to deal with kidney disease, especially glomerulonephritis, for several thousands of years. Does this owe to burdock root benefits for decreased kidney function or other reasons. Dont worry! Today, we are here to...

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Alternative Means to Treat Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is the terminal stage of all kidney disease. Then, various complications urge patients to seek effective treatments. Besides dialysis and kidney transplant, some alternative means can also help treat kidney failure effectively....

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The Annual Gold Physician: Tang Junting in Best Kidney Disease Hospital of China

January 6th in 2014 is one great day for both patients and doctors in China, because sina.com in this special day held Chinas Annual Health Ceremony. After months of online selection, Tang Junting is awarded the Annual Gold Physician. Numer...

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How to Increase Urine Output for People with Shrunken Kidneys

Two shrunken kidneys reveal kidneys are losing their functioning tissues gradually,and it is common to find urine output declines along with kidney shrinking. Well, is there a treatment to increase urine output for people with shrunken kidne...

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Medications and Supplements to Repair Kidney Cells

What medications or supplements can help repair damaged kidney cells? If kidneys fail to work, many symptoms and problems may appear in any part of the body. However, taking medications or supplements blindly, it may cause irreversible kidn...

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What Antibiotics Should Be avoided in Stage 3 Renal Failure

Antibiotics are often used to treat infection for people with stage 3 Kidney Failure. But some antibiotics have renal toxicity, so you should not eat them at random. What antibiotics should be avoided in stage 3 kidney failure? What antibio...

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Alternative Medicine to Help Kidney Function

Focal Glomerulonephritis is also called focal segmental glomerulus sclerosis (FSGS). There is a high recurrence rate for most FSGS patients after kidney transplant. You said that you have been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure, if you w...

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Herbal Remedies to Repair Kidney Damage

When less blood flows into kidneys or some harmful substances attack kidneys, kidney inherent cells will be damaged gradually. As introduced by kidney experts, herbal remedies, compared with western medicines, have a superiority on repairin...

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How To Improve The Kidney Function Of Patient With Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a stage that kidney loses its function partially or completely, and it is a very severe condition. Thereby, is there any way that is effective in improving patients kidney function? Kidney consists of nephrons, and there a...

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