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Hypertensive Nephropathy Treatment

Are Waist Pain and Fatigue Serious for a Hypertension Patient

Actually, waist pain and fatigue are really not optimistic symptoms for a patient with long-term high blood pressure. These symptoms may show the damages on patient’s kidneys, that is, Hypertensive Nephropathy....

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Feasible Measures Prevent CKD from Developing Kidney Failure

Here the article will offer you other feasible measures to protect your remaining renal function, hoping this can help you take better care of yourself and choose a more suitable therapy. ...

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Hypertension Lead to Renal Pain, How to Relieve the Risk of Death

Long-term hypertension is the primary cause of kidney disease, increasing the risk of death. So it is necessary for patients to take timely and effective treatments to delay the renal damages and prolong their life....

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Renal Damage and Other Complications Caused by Hypertension

Hypertension,commonly called high blood pressure,is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. As it worsens,it will cause many serious problems....

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The Risk of Stroke in Stage 3 Hypertensive Nephropathy

More and more high blood pressure patients are facing the problems of renal lesions. Besides,the risk of stroke is increasing. Here the article aims at offering more details about the serious symptoms and complications,hoping this can help y...

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Urinate in Night Frequently with Hypertension in Creatinine 5.0

A kind of secondary chronic disease caused by long-standing high blood pressure-- Hypertensive Nephropathy,will also worsen patients’ disease condition. ...

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How to Protect Your Kidneys in Hypertension

Hypertension is an important preventable factor that cause early death in the whole world. It is one of the main risk of leading to the CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Here the article aims at offering more tips about how to avoid the renal da...

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Effects of Enalapril in Hypertensive Nephropathy

How much do you know about Hypertension Nephropathy ? Here the article can help you learn more about your disease condition and take better care of yourself. ...

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Treatment to Improve GFR 39 for Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive Nephropathy is resulted from long-term hypertension, or high blood pressure. As hypertension causes damage to glomeruli and renal tubules, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) declines more and more seriously. If you experience GFR...

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How to Treat Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive Nephropathy is second only to diabetes as a leading cause of CKD. Due to the increasing morbidity and mortality and escalating costs associated with end-stage renal disease, effective therapies are needed urgently to maximally...

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