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How To Avoid CKD 5 Stage In Home Remedy

In China, only 1% to 2% of the patients with existing Kidney Disease will progress rapidly due to various factors, and unfortunately develop to Renal Failure or even CKD 5 Stage....

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Home Remedies Controls CKD Creatinine 2.33

Some patients are interested in home remedy. They left some messages on our Message Board to ask relevant problems. Here the article may can help you slove some questions....

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Home Remedies to Lower High Creatinine 235

If creatinine level in blood stays around 235 stably, doctors usually prescribe some medications like ketosteril. In fact, some home remedies are also helpful to lower high creatinine 235. Read on to find them out....

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Home Remedy to Shrink Simple Large Kidney Cyst

Simple kidney cyst is commonly found in human, especially elderly adults. With its growth, it becomes painful and symptomatic. In this case, doctors may recommend aspiration or other surgery. In fact, some home remedies are also helpful. Wh...

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Home Remedies to Minimize High Creatinine and BUN Level

To minimize high creatinine and BUN level, diuretic, ketosteril or even dialysis is used commonly. Besides medical therapies, some home remedies can also help to minimize elevated creatinine and blood urea nitrogen....

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Home Remedies For Patient With Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Stage 3 kidney failure means patient has a moderate damage in their kidneys, so patient should take positive measures to cope with their condition. Except for treatment, home remedy is also a helpful way to improve patients condition. Diet...

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Home Remedies for Patients with Lupus and Kidney Disease

Lupus, or SLE, is a systemic disease that can attack kidneys easily. If you have both lupus and kidney disease, medical treatments are quite necessary to control your disease. Besides, home remedies also play an important role. Home remedie...

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