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High Blood Pressure

Diabetic Nephropathy & High Blood Pressure

Diabetic Nephropathy is the main microvascular complication of Diabetes. High blood pressure is not only a major symptoms but also a important risk factor of Diabetic Nephropathy....

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Reasons of Kidney Failure Patients with High Blood Pressure

For almost all of Kidney Failure patients,high blood pressure is a classical symptom that will worsen their disease condition. So why does Kidney Failure Patients cause high blood pressure?...

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How to Treat High blood Pressure for CKD Patients

For Chronic Kidney Disease patients,high blood pressure is very dangerous that may cause patients death from cardiovascular disease(CVD). So it is necessary for CKD patients to control the high blood pressure....

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Why Does CKD Cause High Blood Pressure with Creatinine 1.6

CKD is a chronic disease caused by various disease. In fact,high blood pressure is just one of the symptoms of CKD.So what are the causes of high blood pressure in CKD patients?...

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How Can PKD Patients Do to Treat the High Blood Pressure?

For almost all the Kidney Disease patients,high blood pressure is dangerous to deterioration of the disease. There are several therapy that can help you to control it....

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Causes of High Blood Pressure with CRF(Chronic Renal Failure)

High blood pressure is characterized by the increased arterial pressure and may accompany the systemic disease caused by heart,brain,kidneys and so on. It can be divided into 2 types:Primary Hypertension and secondary hypertension....

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How Does PKD Cause High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure,called hypertension,is a chronic disease with the increased arterial blood pressure,which increases the heart burden when heart transports blood. Whats worse,the high blood pressure may also worsen the disease condition...

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Causes of High Blood Pressure with NS(Nephrotic Syndrome)

Hypertension,called high blood pressure,refers to the increased systolic pressure and diastolic pressure in quiescent condition. It is a kind of chronic disease with a increased arterial blood pressure,...

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Why Does Patient With PKD Have High Blood Pressure

Why does patient with PKD have high blood pressure? This may be a curiosity of many PKD patients. High blood pressure is a common complication of PKD, and it can aggravate patients condition obviously in turn. Kidney cysts in patients who h...

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Can Kidney Cyst Raise Your Blood Pressure

If patients dont pay more attention to the kidney cyst, especially when it enlarges to a certain size, it may raise the blood pressure. Therefore, patients who have kidney cyst should measure their blood pressure regularly. Kidney is an imp...

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