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High BUN

How to Reduce High BUN Effectively before Patients Take Dialysis

How to reduce High BUN effectively before patients take Dialysis? BUN( Blood Urea Nitrogen) is the same as Serum Creatinine Level which is the most direct factor to reflect the truly kidney function. It is also can not over the normal level ...

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How to Treat High BUN in Daily Diet

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is one product of protein and it belongs to small molecules. Normally, our kidney can filter it successfully, but to the person with kidney disease, blood urea nitrogen will build up in their blood....

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Is There any Treatment for Alleviating Creatinine and High BUN?

Is There any Treatment for Alleviating High BUN and Creatinine? What are the elevated BUN and creatinine symptoms? Under normal cases, the healthy kidneys make the waste products such as creatinine and urine nitrogen to be filtered and excre...

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Do I Have to Do Dialysis to Reduce High BUN & IgA Nephropathy

BUN,Called Blood Urea Nitrogen,is one of the important indicator of renal function.if IgA nephropathy patients are diagnosed with high BUN,their kidneys are damaged badly....

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Natural Remedies for High Blood Urea Nitrogen in CKD Patients

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is usually an indicator of kidney function. When blood urea nitrogen elevates, what we should do? Here are some natural remedies. Hope it can help you. What causes high blood urea nitrogen in CKD patients? Urea nit...

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