Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Oranges

    Eating oranges has many health benefits. But when diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, you may have to restrict intake of something. Can IgA Nephropathy patients still eat oranges? It depends on your medical condition. You can send your test rep...

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    Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients Eat Onion

    Can people with stage 4 kidney failure eat onion? Onion is one food that can add flavor to many cooked dishes. For people with kidney failure, they are often recommended to follow a restricted diet plan that is usually lack of flavor. There...

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    Is Carrot Juice Good for FSGS Patients

    Can people with FSGS kidney disease drink carrot juice? If yes, what health benefits can patients get from this beverage? With these two questions, today, we are here to take FSGS patients to find the answer. Kidney function and FSGS Health...

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    Is It OK to Eat Garlic for IgA Nephropathy Patients

    IgA Nephropathy is one common kidney disease that has a close link with autoimmune disorder. Therefore, foods with the property of antioxidant may be good for these patients. Garlic is just one antioxidant food. Is it OK to eat garlic for I...

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    Can Lupus Patient Eat Seafood

    Can Lupus patient eat seafood? Lupus is one systemic autoimmune disorder. If eating food blindly, it may worsen patients illness condition easily. Seafood may cause allergic reactions. Is it OK to eat seafood for Lupus patients? The answer...

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    Is Almond Milk Good for Stage 4 Kidney Patients

    In stage 4 kidney disease, you should pay more attention to what you drink and eat, or it will develop to end stage kidney disease quickly. Is almond milk good for stage 4 kidney patients? Compared to cow milk, almond milk does not provide...

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    Health Benefits of Plum for Kidney Patients

    Plum is a kind of delicious fruit with amazing nutrition values. Now lets see its health benefits for kidney patients. And then you may decide whether you can eat it or not. 1. Plums are a good source of vitamins. Vitamin C helps protect yo...

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    Is Dragon Fruit Good for Diabetic Nephropathy

    Dragon fruit does not only looks beautiful, but also provides a lot of essential nutrients and potential health benefits. Is it good for Diabetic Nephropathy? If you are interested, please go on reading. In fact, eating dragon fruit has man...

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    Can Dialysis Patients Drink Coffee

    Can dialysis patients drink coffee? At present, coffee has been many peoples essential drink, and they are used to drinking one or two cups of coffee every day. Many dialysis patients also have this habit, but their doctors often recommend...

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