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Is Camomile Tea Good for Your Kidneys

Camomile tea has been used for many years as a cure-all tea. Does it really cure all diseases? Is it good for kidney patients? In the following, you can find the truth. What are the health benefits of camomile? -Immunity booster Camomile te...

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Is It OK to Drink Green Tea or Jasmine Tea for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Can I drink green tea or jasmine tea with IgA Nephropathy? One patient asked this question here. Since green tea and jasmine tea are common drinks, knowing the answer to this question is very necessary for IgA Nephropathy patients. Is it OK...

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Is Salvia Beneficial for Kidney Failure Patients

As one herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine, salvia also known as Danshen is becoming more and more popular around the world. It has many health benefits, but is it beneficial for kidney failure patients? Health benefits of salvia for kidne...

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How Much Protein Can A Person With CKD Have A Day

How much protein can a person with CKD have one day? Protein is one essential nutrition for our muscle and tissue. On the downside, its waste products enter into the blood and are discharged out of the blood by kidneys. Therefore, people wi...

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What Foods Can Eat and Not Eat for Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients

Stage 5 kidney failure is advanced kidney disease in which a kidney-friendly diet is very important, because it can help patients manage their symptoms and improve their life quality. Therefore, what foods can eat and not eat for people wit...

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Can Walnut Cause Intense Cramping for Kidney Patients

Question: My kidneys have suffered on and off for years. Lately Ive been eating a lot of walnuts (soaked first, then baked). Last night awoke with intense cramping in calf. Wondering if it was too much phosphorous? Doctor: Cramping is a com...

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What To Eat if I have Diabetes and Kidney Failure

For people with both Diabetes and Kidney Failure, they have many questions about what to eat. It may seem that diabetes diet and kidney diet do not fit well together, for example, diabetes says to choose whole grains, while kidney diet tell...

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CKD Stage 5: Is Aloe Vera Juice Beneficial for People with Dialysis

Question: My wife is CKD-V Patient and undergoing dialysis twice a week since last 8 months. She has started taking aloe vera juice once in a day. I would like to seek your advice whether juice should be beneficial or not Doctor: There are...

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Is Mango Good for People with Kidney Disease

Mango is well known as the king of fruits. The rich nutrition of mango offers various health benefits. But for people with kidney disease, is it still good? Help in anemia It is likely for kidney disease patients to suffer from anemia, for...

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Can I Use Tomato Paste for People with Kidney Failure

Tomato paste is a delicious seasoning that most people enjoy. But can people with Kidney Failure use it? In the following, you can see some corresponding information. Health benefits of using tomato paste for people with Kidney Failure -Boo...

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