What Is A Proper Diet For Patients With FSGS

    As we know, kidneys are the excreting organs which have the function of cleaning blood and excreting wastes and toxins from body. But for patients with FSGS, their scarring kidneys cannot do a good job as normal. Therefore, they should pay...

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    What Diet Is Suitable For Patient With PKD

    Patient with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) should be careful in his diet, because diet can make a significant influence to his condition. Thereby, what diet is suitable for patient with PKD? Appropriate protein intake Patient with PKD nee...

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    Diet Tips For Kidney Cyst

    A reasonable diet is related to the body health tightly, so its particularly important for patients with kidney cysts to limit their diet in order to prevent a further deterioration. Eating a proper diet can minimize some of the symptoms. L...

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    Can Patients Eat Eggs In Chronic Kidney Disease 3

    As we know, eggs contain abundant protein, and protein is a necessary nutrient for our body to function well. But for patients with kidney disease, they should follow a strict diet principle. They should keep a proper protein intake to insu...

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