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Is Ginger Good for Lupus Nephritis

For the question whether ginger is good for Lupus Nephritis or not, people hold different opinions. Some think it is very good, while some others think it aggravates the state of illness. In the following, you may acquire your own opinion....

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Is Cactus Good for Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy is kidney disease caused by diabetes. With such disease, you have to pay attention to what you drink and eat. If you have doubt whether certain food is good for you or not, you had better consult a dietitian firstly. As...

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List of Foods to Repair Kidneys

Most kinds of kidney disease progresses slowly, so patients have chance to reverse their kidney damage. Besides medical therapy, some foods are also able to repair kidneys. Today, find out list of foods to help repair kidneys by yourself....

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Is Saffron Tea Good for People with PKD

Saffron has so many medical values that you can benefit a lot from drinking saffron tea. But for people with PKD who have restricted diet, is saffron tea still good? Diet guideline for people with PKD Healthy diet plays an important role in...

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Spirulina and Chronic Kidney Disease

Spirulina is one great source of micronutrient, essential amino acid, etc. For people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), their diet restriction may put them at a poor health condition. Here, it seems spirulina is good for kidney disease pat...

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Is It OK to Eat Shellfish with High Creatinine Level

Shellfish is always said to be a healthy food for most healthy people. But for people with high creatinine level, is it OK to eat shellfish? The opinions are various. The reason why you can eat shellfish with high creatinine level -High qua...

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Can I Eat Sherbet with Lupus Nephritis

There are many different kind of sherbets, such as orange sherbet, pineapple and banana sherbet, and watermelon sherbet. These frozen desserts all taste delicious. Can I eat sherbet with Lupus Nephritis? Diet restriction for Lupus Nephritis...

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Foods Help to Reduce Urea

Blood urea level is often used as an indicator of kidney function like the creatinine, for kidney is the main organ to discharge urea. When kidneys go wrong, blood urea nitrogen level increase. How to decrease blood urea? Besides the medica...

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Is Turmeric Safe to Take for People with Kidney Failure

As we all know, kidney failure patients have many diet restriction and they cannot enjoy whatever they like. Turmeric has been used in both Ayuvedic and Chinese medicine, which turns out to be a good thing for health. Is turmeric safe to ta...

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What Milk Swap is Safe for Dialysis Patients

Kidney disease or dialysis patients who want to adhere to a kidney-friendly diet are always recommended to limit their intake of milk. To guarantee enough nutrition, most patients try to find milk sway safe for dialysis patients. This artic...

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