Is Oolong Tea Beneficial for Kidney Patients

    Some kidney patients like drinking tea. And indeed some teas are good for kidney health, such as dandelion tea and nettle leaf tea. Oolong tea is a kind of Chinese tea. Is it beneficial for kidney patients? The opinions are various. Some sa...

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    Can You Take Raspberries with Kidney Disease

    Raspberries are small in size but they are massively healthy. For kidney patients who live on a restricted diet, can they still take raspberries? Here is a brief introduction of the health benefits of raspberries. If you would like to learn...

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    Can You Drink Alcohol with Kidney Disease

    Can you drink alcohol with kidney disease? Alcohol is one drink that affects many kidney patients heart. In some cases, these patients can still drink a little alcohol, while in some other cases, they need to stay away from alcohol complete...

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    Can Pure Cranberry Juice Reduce Creatinine Levels

    Cranberry juice is one of the most nutritious drinks and beneficial for your medical condition. Can pure cranberry juice reduce creatinine levels? Leaving this problem behind, lets move to the health benefits of cranberry juice. 1. Cranberr...

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    Can CKD Patient Drink Watermelon Juice

    Can people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) drink watermelon juice? One patient with creatinine 5.7 and BUN 55 raises this question in our message board below. Since many other patients also have this doubt, we give out the answer here. If...

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    Is Tomato Good for Kidney Patients

    We are all familiar with tomatoes, but may do not know the heath benefits of tomatoes. Is tomato good for kidney patients? In the following, you can find the answer. Anti-inflammation Kidney disease means there is inflammation response in t...

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