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FSGS Symptoms

Advice for Protein Leakage in Secondary FSGS

“I am patient of secondary FSGS with protein leakage. Kindly whether it is serious disease. Please give me advice how i cure it.” Controlling Proteinuria is an important element of treatment because proteinuria itself can hasten the rate...

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Recurrent Edema in FSGS: How to Control It Effectively

Doctor, I am suffering from FSGS with the recurrent Edema, I have taken so many steroids, however the result is not satisfactory. How to control it effectively?...

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What Natural Remedy Can Treat Proteinuria in FSGS

Proteinuria is a common symptom of Kidney Disease, including FSGS. Timely treatment for proteinuria is very important because massive proteinuria can worsen renal damages or even lead to Kidney Failure. Well then, what natural remedy can tre...

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Creatinine 6.7: Best Treatment to Lower It for FSGS Patients

FSGS kidney disease refers to kidney scarring appearing in kidney filters, also known as glomeruli. Creatinine 6.7 is much higher than the normal value, and it may indicate your FSGS has developed into stage 4 or even end stage kidney diseas...

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Why Does My Skin Feel So Bruised with FSGS

Is FSGS painful? Why does my skin feel so bruised with FSGS? This question is proposed by one of our patients. In fact, many other FSGS patients also have a similar problem. If you happens to experience skin bruises, figure out the causes a...

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Swelling in FSGS: Causes and Treatments

It is reported that nearly 2/3 of FSGS patients have serious proteinuria and swelling. If you are diagnosed with FSGS kidney disease, you may find swelling appears in legs, ankles, feet, face and eyelid. Find out the causes of swelling in F...

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Healthy Diet and Treatments to Bubbles in Urine for FSGS Patients

Bubbles in urine can be caused by many underlying conditions, but for FSGS patients, it is more likely to indicate there is protein in urine. As introduced by nephrologists, proteinuria can lead to many other complications or even kidney da...

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The Main Symptoms Of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)

FSGS is a disease which produces scarrings within the kidneys, and it will cause the kidneys to lose the ability to work normally. The symptoms of FSGS are variable from case to case. In the early stage, there are no obvious signs of glomer...

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The Top Three Symptoms Of FSGS: Foamy Urine, Swelling And High Blood Pressure

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is an inflammation of glomeruli which are the filtering units in kidneys. It is a disease of scarred kidney tissues and causes the damage of kidney function, and it can cause many symptoms. The top...

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4 Telling Symptoms of FSGS

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is a common primary glomerular disease among adults and children and its histopathological characteristic is partially damaged glomeruli accompanied or not accompanied with formation and adherence o...

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