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Can PKD Patients Take Spirulina Herbal Tablets

Can Polycystic Kidney Disease patients take spirulina herbal tablets? As one nourishing herb, spirulina has been used for several centuries to help fight against some kidney diseases. PKD is one genetic kidney disorder that affects patients...

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Can Vitamin B3 Slow Down Cyst Growth for PKD Patients

If you are diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease and pay close attention to the development of modern medicine, you may know vitamin B3, or niacin, can help to slow down cyst growth for PKD patients. Vitamin B3 and Polycystic Kidney Dise...

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Medications and Supplements to Repair Kidney Cells

What medications or supplements can help repair damaged kidney cells? If kidneys fail to work, many symptoms and problems may appear in any part of the body. However, taking medications or supplements blindly, it may cause irreversible kidn...

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Alternatives to Prednisone for Minimal Change Disease

Characterized by foamy urine and swelling, Minimal Change Disease (MCD) affects many peoples health, especially children. To manage this kidney disease, steroid therapy, prednisone, is used commonly. However, quite a number of patients dont...

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How Much Niacin Per Day Should I Consume With PKD

Question : I have PKD but it is asymptomatic except slight pain in back. My doctor tells me niacin can help deal with PKD. I want to know how much niacin per day should I consume with PKD? Doctor : Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is prove...

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Do Cranberry Pills Help Prevent Kidney Failure in Diabetics

Do cranberry pills help prevent kidney failure in diabetics? For people with diabetes, kidney damage is one leading complication, and we call kidney disease caused by diabetes as Diabetic Nephropathy. If uncontrolled timely, it may progress...

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What Antibiotics Are Safe to Take with CKD Stage 3

What antibiotics are safe to take with CKD Stage 3? In CKD Stage 3, kidneys only have 30%-59% of function so that extra waste products and toxins begin to accumulate in the blood. This can disturb patients immune system, resulting in low im...

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Is It Necessary to Hold High Blood Pressure Medications before Dialysis

Low blood pressure is one common complication of dialysis. Nearly 25%-40% of dialysis patients will suffer from at least one time of low blood pressure. Several conditions can cause this problem:...

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Is Aspirin Safe for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Some researches claim aspirin can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease for diabetics, while cardiovascular disease is one common complication of diabetes. Diabetic Nephropathy is one condition that kidney damage is due to long-ter...

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How Does Cyclophosphamide Help for IgA Nephropathy

How does cyclophosphamide help for IgA Nephropathy? In clinic, this medication is commonly used alone or in combination with other medications to treat certain types of kidney disease including IgA Nephropathy. Effects of cyclophosphamide f...

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