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High Blood Pressure During Dialysis

Dialysis is one life-sustaining therapy for ESRD patients. However, no matter whether they are on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, high blood pressure, or hypertension, may be one of their biggest concerns. Why does blood pressure incre...

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When Does Dialysis Start for IgA Nephropathy

With IgA Nephropathy, different patients have different prognosis. Some patients can finally have complete remission, while some other patients may eventually need dialysis. Well then, when does dialysis start for IgA Nephropathy? Making cl...

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Should People on Dialysis Avoid Banana

For people on dialysis, they should be careful about what they eat and drink, because their kidneys can not work properly to discharge the wastes and toxins out of body. Between dialysis sessions, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, and fluid w...

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Is It Necessary to Hold High Blood Pressure Medications before Dialysis

Low blood pressure is one common complication of dialysis. Nearly 25%-40% of dialysis patients will suffer from at least one time of low blood pressure. Several conditions can cause this problem:...

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What Causes Dialysis Patients to Itch

Dialysis is one of the treatments for kidney failure patients to prolong their lives. But it can not cure kidney disease. Over time, it will cause many side effects, itch is included. What causes itch? What Causes Dialysis Patients to Itch...

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What Causes Itching When You are On Dialysis

Skin itching is an annoying change in skin for dialysis patients. If you also have this symptom, learning what causes itching when you are on dialysis, and what can be done, is able to help keep your skin as healthy as possible. The main ca...

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If You Start Kidney Dialysis Can You Stop Dialysis

Dialysis is one life-sustaining therapy for quite a number of kidney failure patients. However, for different reasons, some of them express they hate going for dialysis treatment at the clinic. In this condition, they wonder if they start k...

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Are Orange Good for Dialysis Patient

For people on dialysis, they usually find their diet is very strict, because though dialysis can replace damaged kidneys to work, it isn’t as effective as healthy kidneys. Potassium is something that dialysis can’t remove from the body c...

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How Can I Reduce The Side Effects of Dialysis

In the end stage kidney disease, dialysis is often taken to replace your damaged kidneys to remove the accumulated wastes, toxins, electrolyte out of body. Though it can relieve some symptoms, it can not cure kidney disease. Besides, it has...

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How Long Can Kidney Failure Patient Live Without Dialysis

How long can kidney failure patient live without dialysis? In fact, this depends on many factors. Kidney failure means a state that partial or all kidney function is damaged. When patient is in stage five kidney failure, which means patient...

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