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    Burdock Root Benefits for Decreased Kidney Function

    Burdock root has been used to deal with kidney disease, especially glomerulonephritis, for several thousands of years. Does this owe to burdock root benefits for decreased kidney function or other reasons. Dont worry! Today, we are here to...

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    How to Prevent Weakness from Hemodialysis

    So many patients on hemodialysis complain that they have annoying weakness during and after dialysis treatment. This is because although hemodialysis can help replace diseased kidneys to work, it cant be as effective as completely healthy k...

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    Can Burdock Root Lower High Creatinine and BUN

    Can burdock root, or its extract, help lower high creatinine and BUN level? If you are familiar with herbal medicine, you may know the medicine that has the property of diuretic or antioxidant is good to reduce elevated creatinine and blood...

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    Chinese Medicine for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

    What Chinese medicine can help treat Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, or Stage 4 CKD? Even though most patients with Stage 4 CKD can live with their own kidneys, they do suffer from a series of symptoms. Then, patients in USA, India, UK, Liby...

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    Moringa for Diabetes with Kidney Disease

    A lot of diabetics, who also have kidney disease, are quite familiar with moringa. In some cases, people with diabetes complain of protein spilling, and their doctors prescribe moringa for them. What on earth moringa does for diabetes with...

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    Can Herbal Medicines Cure Chronic Glomerulonephritis

    If uncontrolled effectively, chronic glomerulonephritis will eventually progress to kidney failure. As western medicines can’t cure it completely, patients turn their focuses on herbal medicines. Can herbal medicines cure chronic glomerulo...

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