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CKD Stage 3

Health Benefits of Exercise for Kidney Patients

Kidney patients are often recommended to do some exercises to improve their physical condition. But sometimes they are troubled by why they should do exercise. Here you can see its health benefits. For some kidney patients, they often compl...

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What Can You Drink with Kidney Disease

For kidney disease patients, they can not enjoy whatever they would like to drink and eat freely. In order to live healthily, there are many restrictions. Today lets have a look at what you can drink with kidney disease. Can you drink alcoh...

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Does Stage 3 Kidney Disease Cause Leg Pain

Does stage 3 kidney disease cause leg pain? This question is asked frequently by kidney disease patients. Since kidneys and legs are organs unconnected, why does leg pain occur commonly in patients with kidney disease? The kidney and leg Ev...

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The Prognosis of Stage 3 CKD with Hypertension

Stage 3 CKD is the moderate stage of kidney disease, in which kidneys can still do their work by themselves. Therefore, patients usually have several symptoms like hypertension, and correct treatments can help improve the prognosis of Stage...

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Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Cola Drinks or Coffee

Can kidney disease patients drink cola drinks or coffee? Both of cola drinks and coffee are commonly seen in our daily life, especially in one party. However, for kidney disease patients, they should pay highly attention to the consumption...

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Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Back to Stage 2

According to glomerular filtration rate (GFR), Chronic Kidney Disease is divided into five stages. Stage 3 kidney disease is more severe that stage 2, for less kidney function and more complications. If your kidney problem has developed sta...

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Is Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 Serious

As we know, there are five stages of chronic kidney disease. Stage 1-2 have slightly reduction of kidney function and there is no obvious symptoms. In stage 3, kidneys are moderately damaged and patients may have some typical symptoms such...

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What Are The Symptoms Of CKD Stage 3

Basing on glomerular filtration rate(GFR), chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be divided into five stages. In CKD stage 3, the kidney function is moderately reduced and the GFR is 30-59mmol/min/1.73m2. In order to screen and refer the CKD pat...

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Blood Urine In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

For patients in chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 3, they may find many changes in their urine such as foamy urine and blood urine. Blood urine is a common symptom for patients in CKD stage 3. Blood urine is related to the problems of pati...

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How To Treat Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

Chronic kidney disease is a long-term and persistent disease. In CKD stage 3, kidney function is moderately decreased into 30%-50%. And glomerular filtration rate is 30-59ml/min. Person may have some obvious symptoms in CKD stage 3. Some pe...

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