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Avoiding Dialysis

How To Stop The Renal Failure In Stage 4 For Avoiding Dialysis

If illness conditions can not be controlled well, stage 4 Kidney Failure patients are facing dialysis. Some of them have been prepared well for dialysis. How to stop the renal failure in Stage 4 for avoiding Dialysis?...

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Is It Possible To Reverse Scar Period For Avoiding Dialysis

Dialysis is recommended in scar period with low kidney functions, which can not eliminate toxins and excess wastes enough to cause a series of complications. Is it possible to reverse scar period for avoiding dialysis? Following this article...

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8 Tips Help You Slow The Process To Uremia Stage For Avoiding Dialysis

There are no bones in the kidneys. They are made up of about 2000000 nephron. Each nephron is composed of nephron, renal capsule and renal tubule. The kidney unit is very industrious, working all the time, sometimes the work is heavy, the de...

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What We Can Do for Patients with Creatinine 10, Avoiding Dialysis

Creatinine has close relationship with renal functions.The higher level creatinine is,the less renal functions remain.Some patients have creatinine 10 and want to avoid dialysis....

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