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Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Dialysis Patients Avoid Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-17 14:07

Stem Cell Therapy,Dialysis,Avoid Kidney TransplantStem cells are able to long-term survival, with continuous self-reproductive capacity and multi-directional potential. Due to that we can use it to repair or rebuild the damaged kidney tissues.

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Is kidney transplant necessary for long time dialysis patients?

Dialysis patients should know about that long time dialysis will make them more and more weaker than before. The reason for that is although dialysis can eliminate some parts of toxins and blood, but it can not repair damage on kidneys. On the contrary, with dialysis treatment more and more kidney function will lose, we can see it from more and more less urine output of dialysis patients.

With the decrease of kidney function that patients’ illness condition will be out of control. That is the reason why creatinine can not be reduce well even though times of dialysis increased. For this kind of condition, seems like kidney transplant is the best choice for them. While now, Stem Cell Therapy as a brand new invention for kidney failure treatment, it have some kinds of help for patients to avoid kidney transplant.

We have mentioned in the above, stem cells will help kidneys to rebuild kidney tissues and save up damaged kidney cells to recover some certain kidney functions. While in our hospital, we do not only adopts this kind of treatment for patients. It can be matched with Chinese medicine to get a much clear environment for patients’ recover. Chinese medicine can clean toxins in blood and repair damaged kidneys to restore kidney function. So that they work together will help patients avoid kidney transplant effectively.

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