What Is The Best Way for Patients with SLE to Control The Condition Well

2016-04-14 14:55

What Is The Best Way for Patients with SLE to Control The Condition WellWhat is the best way for patients with SLE to control the condition well? SLE( Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) is a multisystem, multi-organ and a variety of autoantibodies autoimmune diseases. It is because the body has a large number of pathogenic autoantibodies and immune complexes which cause the tissue damage. More information please call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Leukopenia, sepsis, apathy, dementia, gingivitis, congestion, convulsions, bleeding tendency those are the common symptoms of SLE in clinic. Genetic factors, infection factors, sunlight and drugs factors, those are the reasons of SLE.

The common treatment of it include:

1. Patients education.

2. Avoid light and eliminate fatigue.

3. Proper rest and exercise.

4. Prevent infection.

The medicine treatments include:

1. Topical formulations.

2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

3. Glucocorticoids.

4. Antimalarials.

But all those kind of treatment can not treat SLE from the root, and also can not repair the kidney damage which due to SLE and improve the kidney function.

What Treatment Is Better to Control SLE?

As an autoimmune disease, improve the immune system is the essential treatment for SLE. So that patients need some ways which can not only improve the immune system but can also repair the kidney damage and improve the kidney function in order to keep the kidney more health and control the condition well.

Stem Cell Therapy is a better way than traditional treatments and medicine treatments. It can help the patients to repair the damaged immune system and kidney by the inherent stem cells which come from the patients’ own body. This brand new treatment is ale to broke the bottleneck of traditional treatment and help patients taking treatment without medicines. No damage to kidney anymore, the kidney function will be improved naturally.

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