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What to Do for Refractory Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-10-13 11:17

What to Do for Refractory Proteinuria in Nephrotic SyndromeWhat to do for refractory proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome? If the steroids treatment is not ideal, does it need Hemodialysis?

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As a matter of fact, it is not really to do Kidney Dialysis. When steroids treatment is not ideal, you can consider other blood purification methods to increase treatment effects.

Object: Refractory Nephrotic Syndrome

What is refractory Nephrotic Syndrome?

Commonly, the basic medications of Nephrotic Syndrome is corticosteroid (steroid for short). It is reported that 60 percent patients will improve their illness condition after taking steroids. But there are 40% will have the following situations:

1. Steroid-resistant Nephrotic Syndrome

No matter how many steroids patients take, proteinuria has no change.

2. Steroid-dependant Nephrotic Syndrome

For this type of Nephrotic Syndrome, when patients take large amount of steroids, it is effective. But once they reduce dosage or stop the medications, proteinuria will relapse.

What to do for refractory proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome?

1. You can take steroids combine immunosuppressant agents. In this way, partial patients will get improved. If not, this kind of kidney disease patients may suffer from uremia soon.

2. You can take blood purification, which is not doing dialysis at the rest of your life (dialysis is just one of blood purification methods). Alternatives of dialysis to purify blood:

1. Plasma Exchange

2. Immune Absorption

3. Blood Perfusion

In most cases, these blood purification methods can improve hormone receptor in hyperlipemia to let the body is more sensitive to hormones. They also can reduce the cytokines that cause kidney failure so that slow down the progression of kidney failure and protect the kidneys.

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