How to Treat Large Amount of Proteinuria in Kidney Disease

2017-09-10 15:18

How to Treat Large Amount of Proteinuria in Kidney DiseaseMany patients with Chronic Kidney Disease do not know how to treat Proteinuria, nor do they know what to look for. To treat urine protein alone, the most important thing for people with kidney disease should be three things.

Why do you get proteinuria?

In kidney, the glomeruli are responsible for filtering the most important substances left when blood brings large amount of protein flow to kidney. Renal tubules will reabsorb the useful substances glomeruli throw out such as glucose, most of water, and small molecular protein. If the glomerular filtration membranes are damaged, macromolecular protein will leak out which cannot be absorbed by renal tubules. Gradually, large amount of protein leak out causing proteinuria.

How to treat proteinuria?

Treating proteinuria should focus on restoring glomerular filtrate rate, which is the most underlying solution.

There are usually two ways to treat proteinuria:

1. Hormone therapy is the fastest that can inhibits inflammation and some patients can actually suppress the disease all the time. But it does not restore the glomerular filtration rate.

2. You can use the functions of Traditional Chinese Medicines to dilate blood vessels to improve renal cell ischemia, so that increase the vitality of glomeruli to a certain extent and improve glomerular filtration rate. In China, we have invented a systematic natural therapy to treat proteinuria, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy.

Keep appropriate protein supplement during treatment

The amount of protein in urine is not completely equivalent to the degree of kidney damage. This is because the glomerular filtration function decreased in the early stage of kidney disease, proteins actually are leaked out more and more. But later on, due to various reasons, glomeruli are blocked so that will not leak more protein. Therefore, proteinuria can not fully reflect the degree of kidney damage.

Since patients have proteinuria, the protein in their body must be lost constantly. In the early stage, patients’ kidney function is not serious, it is necessary to supplement appropriate protein to ensure patients have plenty of protein to build and repair cells.

However, in the late kidney disease, patients need to reduce protein intake because the loss of protein did not increase but renal function decreases seriously. If you intake protein more, they will increase kidney burden.


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