How to Treat Years of Swelling and Proteinuria Radically

2017-07-04 15:52

How to Treat Years of Swelling and Proteinuria Radically,Chinese MedicineMore and more people who get CKD have Swelling and Proteinuria. But some people even suffer from them for years. How to treat years of swelling and proteinuria radically?

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Generally, due to damaged glomeruli, these glomeruli fail to keep protein in the body effectively, causing protein leakage out in urine, forming proteinuria. However, because too much protein flows out, protein in blood reduced so that plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, fluid flows to intercellular space, causing swelling.

Diuretic is usually used to discharge the extra fluids from the body. And both ACEI and ARB can significantly expand efferent arteriole of glomerulus and reduce the internal and external pressure of the glomerular capillaries. They also can improve the structure of the glomerular basement membrane, reducing its permeability to large molecules, thereby reducing proteinuria.

The above western medicines are effective to relieve swelling and proteinuria. But they cannot improve renal function that is why some patients will be bothered by years of proteinuria and swelling.

As for this condition, Chinese medicine treatments are better. Through years of clinical experience, our hospital has invented a series of natural therapies based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Cupping Therapy, etc. They are helpful for patients to treat years of Hematuria, Proteinuria and Swelling radically.

We will choose the specific treatments for patients depending on their illness condition, so the treatment schedule is different from person to person. What is more, patient must come to our hospital to make personalized therapy.

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