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Can Effective Control of Proteinuria Prevent Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-04-03 06:21

Can Effective Control of Proteinuria Prevent Kidney FailureThere is a patient with CKD for 30 years, but the condition is controlled well and does not develop to Kidney Failure. Well then, what should patients do during the Kidney Disease treatment? Can effective control of Proteinuria prevent kidney failure?

Yes, effective control of proteinuria can prevent kidney failure, because proteinuria damage the kidneys is a lasting process. Long term proteinuria you have will make kidneys functions destroy irreversibly. As a result kidney disease develops into Kidney Failure.

Therefore, if you really want to prevent the progression of kidney disease, the underlying way is to control proteinuria effectively.

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How to control proteinuria effectively?

The fundamental and proper treatment should repair the damaged kidney organs, activate the nephrons work again, and repair the kidney filtration and reabsorption function.

However, the premise of the treatment is that the kidneys must remain majority functions. That is to say, kidney disease is in the early or middle stage. If left untreated or left uncontrolled, in the End Stage Renal Disease, kidney functions can not be reversed anymore. In this case, it just can protect the residual functions through treatments.

What are the specific methods for controlling proteinuria?

From treatments:

According to the current medicine level, simply rely on western medicines like steroids can have effects temporarily, but once stop them, the symptoms or complications will relapse immediately. It is because steroids just can prevent the immune inflammatory reaction of the body and reduce the secretion of abnormal protein during the treatment. Before controlling the kidney disease, reduce the dose or stop medicines will cause immune inflammatory reaction appear.

So controlling proteinurina and even the progression of kidney disease, patients had better take the combined therapy of Chinese and western medicines. Western medicines are used to control inflammation, and Chinese medicines prevent and repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells from the root. Chinese medicines play an important role.

From the daily life:

To prevent proteinuria worsen or relapse, patients should follow low-salt diet, avoid strenuous exercise, do some moderate sports, like walk, etc.

To control proteinuria, you should take proper treatments in professional kidney disease hospital to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function so as to prevent it deterioration. In this way, your condition does not worsen to Kidney Failure or ESRD. Any problem you have, please leave message in the below form or email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. Take care please!

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