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A Successful Escape from Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-20 16:36

A Successful Escape From DialysisBrief introduction to the patient

Tima Kaeryo, a 59 years old man, comes from Papua New Guinea. He suffers from CKD stage 5. Before he comes to China, his serum creatinine reaches 1142 umol/L and BUN 33.5 mmol/L and his urine output is less than 100 milliliters. When he was diagnosed with CKD, he had been to Philippines and Singapore to seek treatment. But he was only told that dialysis and kidney transplant were the only two ways to treat his kidney disease.

What makes him receive Chinese medicine treatment?

Tima once disappointed at his condition. But his children never gave up. By chance, they heard about our hospital through Saipo, whose father’s physical condition improved a lot after receiving treatment here for a period of time. After a detailed consulting, they decided to have a try. However, there has been a doubt in their mind before Tima receives treatment that whether Chinese medicine has effect on kidney disease or not. After all, it is widely acknowledged that western medical technology is more advanced than eastern.

However, in April 16th, 2013, accompanied by his daughter, Tima came to China.

Curative effect on his kidney disease

Here he received some Chinese medicine treatment such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Dialysis, Medicated Bath etc. These treatments play a magical role in improving his physical condition. Two months later, his creatinine has decreased to 405 umol/L and his urine output increases to 850 milliliter. It is not necessary for him to take dialysis any more. Now he lives like a healthy people. The doubt in his mind completely disappears.

Tima said that sometimes it is difficult for a person to make up his mind to receive treatment far away from their countries. But for Tima and his daughter, they felt at home in the two months. All the nurses and doctors are hospitable.

At last, Tima hope more and more kidney disease patients can benefit from Chinese medicine treatment and get rid of dialysis like him.



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