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Chinese Medicine Treatments for Iraq PKD Patient, Serious Hematuria

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-08-17 11:48

Chinese Medicine Treatments for Iraq PKD Patient, Serious HematuriaThe complications of PKD are bothered so many patients. Despite it is genetic kidney disorder, you also can take proper and effective treatments to prevent its complications. Let’s see how Chinese medicines treat PKD with serious hematuria.

Mohammed is a PKD patient from family heredity. He is 52 years old. When he came to our hospital, he had severe hematuria, poor appetite, anemia and abnormal blood pressure. Three years ago, his creatinine level reached to 370umol/L, blood pressure 150/90.

His condition got worse and worse and his local doctor suggested him Kidney Transplant because there was no better treatment method. In order to avoid transplant, he searched alternatives via Internet. At last, he consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR and came to our hospital.

We arranged a systematic TMC treatments based on his condition such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, moxibustion therapy, etc.

About 7 days of treatments, his sleep quality improved well, appetite increased, anemia disappeared, and High Creatinine Level also lowered to 320umol/L, and blood pressure reduced to 140/90mmHg.

Gradually his serious hematuria also disappeared and hemoglobin increased to normal level. About one month of treatments, he discharged from the hospital with recovered body. At a night after backing home, he recalled his doctor in charge to tell him that his creatinine level lowered to 290umol/L. He was very excited and said he could not wait to share with the good news.

Hope he live a high quality life without kidney transplant. Best wishes!

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