Yemeni Patient Accepts Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Abroad

2017-08-01 17:19

Yemeni Patient Accepts Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy AbroadNowadays, except for Kidney Dialysis, there are also other alternatives. Yeslam is from Yemen but lives in Saudi Arabia. After his current treatment method was ineffective, he searched for other therapies and finally accepted Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy abroad.

His disease history

He is a Renal Failure patient for 16 months. Before 16 months, he knew his case a little but did not care about it. By accident, he was told he had kidney failure. And then he stayed in hospital about one month and 15 days. And the doctors gave him treatments and start Dialysis.

He used blood pressure medicine, insulin for high blood sugar, and also medicines for stomach. Even some vitamins used with dialysis. However, generally he found out the previous therapies could not treat his disease effectively. He thought that was not enough. Finally he searched the internet.

Curative effects of traditional Chinese medicine treatments

There’s big difference because when he was here and arrived here his case was very bad, the water reached to his lung. He was in bad case, so that he could not walk longer distance, just by wheelchair.

After a period of TCM treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other natural therapies, his case had great improvement. And now he can walk alone without help. And he believes he will be better and better day by day because he is feeling this in his heart.

To be honest, our Chinese medicine treatments aim to repair the damaged kidney tissues and kidney intrinsic cells as well as improve renal function from the root. With the improved renal function, people in early stage can avoid dialysis successfully and people in advanced stage can taper dialysis frequency and even get rid of dialysis gradually.

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