How Does Creatinine 1502 Reduced to 400+ Five Days

2017-06-02 17:58

Here is a patient with High Creatinine Level 1500+ before coming to our hospital. After our treatment, his creatinine level reduced to 400+. How does he do?

Disease History

He had Proteinuria, occult blood, elevated creatinine before he came to our hospital. He was diagnosed with Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Kidney Failure (Uremia Stage)

Due to without reexamination, he suddenly had black stool three days before he came to our hospital. In order to take effective treatment, he came to our hospital.

Examination Report

Protein -, occult blood 2+, serum creatinine level 1502umol/L, High BUN Level 62.8mmol/L, urea acid 609umol/L and potassium 6.41mmol/L. Blood pressure elevated 12 years, the highest 180/110mmHg.

How Does Creatinine 1502 Reduced to 400+ Five Days,Toxin-Removing Treatment


Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Kidney Failure (Uremia Stage), Renal Anemia, Primary Hypertension (high risk), hyperkalemia

Because he had lots of toxins and wastes in the body, if he did not remove them promptly, they will threaten his life. Therefore, under the urgent time, our doctors arranged combined therapy of TCM medicine and western medicine.

With the Kidney Dialysis and Toxin-Removing Therapy, the patient’s condition had great improvement.

Five days later, his high creatinine level reduced to 494, high blood pressure was controlled, BUN level was 11.9 and UA was 183. His appetite also improved.

How Does Creatinine 1502 Reduced to 400+ Five Days,Toxin-Removing Treatment

After half a month of consolidated treatment, his body was gradually recovered. On the end of May, he discharged from hospital.

To be honest, the dreadful thing is not Uremia but its complications. Thus patients need to keep an eye on not only creatinine level but also other symptoms you have.

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