Toxin-Removing Treatment: Weight Reduced 13.7kg 15 Days in MN

2017-05-14 15:34

How long you have a checkup? Majority patients want to choose western medicines to treat the disease, however, it only relieve the symptoms quickly, not the disease itself. Let’s see a real case that a Membranous Nephropathy patient.

Toxin-Removing Treatment: Weight Reduced 13.7kg 15 Days in MN

Due to suddenly serious Swelling, this patient came to hospital for examination. He was diagnosed with Membranous Nephropathy stage 2 and Nephrotic Syndrome. However, despite he took more than one month of hormones, the swelling on legs not relieved but worsened. In order to take effective treatments, he found out our hospital and arrived at here for Chinese treatments.

His weight was 90.7kg before treatment, Proteinuria 4+ and 24UPr 15.35g.

Toxin-Removing Treatment: Weight Reduced 13.7kg 15 Days in MN

The experts arranged Toxin-Removing Treatment for him based on his condition. With the help of Medicated Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Navel Therapy, the active Chinese medicine materials can discharge the toxins and wastes in the body via urine, stool, and skin.

Through 15 days of Toxin-Removing Treatment, his weight reduced 13.7kg and 24UPr reduced to 4.36g from 15.35g, which increased his confidence for treatment. And now he also brings his son who has Nephrotic Syndrome to our hospital for treatment.

Toxin-Removing Treatment: Weight Reduced 13.7kg 15 Days in MN

Hope they will recover soon and live better life with families. Best wishes! If you want to know more details on Toxin-Removing Treatment, welcome to consult ONLINE DOCTOR freely or leave message below or email to us.

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