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The Tortuous Days of Fighting against Diabetic Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-04-19 14:22

There is a Diabetic Nephropathy patient takes Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments timely, his Proteinuria becomes normal from original protein 2+.

This group photo showed this patient sent his doctor a silk banner to express his deep sense of gratitude.

The Tortuous Days of Fighting against Diabetic Nephropathy,Toxin-Removing Therapy

“The Proteinuria finally is reduced. Thank you, doctor, thank you…” Mr. Li babbled his thanks to his doctor.

Mr. Li got Type 2 Diabetes for many years. He always took antidiabetic drugs but did not check his kidney function. Until one year ago, he found there were foams in urine and he changed the hospital timely for checkup. The test result showed he got Diabetic Nephropathy stage 3 with protein +.

In the hospital, he still took some medicines to control high blood sugar. But the protein had no change. He knew some related information about diabetic nephropathy, and knew clearly diabetes would damage kidneys. So he decided to take Chinese medicine treatments, finally came to our hospital.

The examination result was Diabetic Nephropathy stage 4, and protein was 2+.

The Tortuous Days of Fighting against Diabetic Nephropathy,Toxin-Removing Therapy

As we all know, Diabetic Nephropathy is recognized one of refractory Kidney Diseases. To make he get the best effects, we decided apply systematic Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, etc. We use the Chinese medicine active materials to extend the blood vessels, and protect kidney functions through improving blood circulation, cleansing blood and repairing kidney lesion.

Besides, reasonable and healthy diet also can help control blood sugar and prevent coagulation.

This photo shows Doctor Zhao was talking about the disease with the patient.

The Tortuous Days of Fighting against Diabetic Nephropathy,Toxin-Removing Therapy

Through a period of systematic treatments, they slow down the progression of his kidney damage, and kidney filtration function also had great improvement. The latest report showed the protein had become negative.

The Tortuous Days of Fighting against Diabetic Nephropathy,Toxin-Removing Therapy

His blood sugar is also reduced steadily and he greatly reduces the dose of insulin.

All in all, uncontrolled diabetes will cause kidney damage leading to diabetic nephropathy. In this case, some complications will appear, like diabetic feet, the loss of sense of warm, touch, pain. If you find abnormal symptoms in your daily life, please pay highly attention to it and take proper and prompt treatments. Best wishes!

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