For Kidney Damage Patients, Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice

2017-02-27 17:11

For Kidney Damage Patients, Is Kidney Transplant the Only ChoiceWhat should I do when my kidney has been damaged? Is Kidney Transplant the only choice to avoid Kidney Dialysis? In fact, despite taking transplantation, there will be so many complications.

The following is a real story in a father and son. They are from Oman, and they all have Kidney Disease. Father has Diabetic Nephropathy, while his son is a Kidney Transplant patient. Before taking transplantation, this little patient thought that after doing the surgery, he could live a normal life like the commons without Dialysis.

However, after transplantation in a short time, his Creatinine level elevated again. To relieve the series of complications of transplantation and control the creatinine level, he and his father mutually supported to come to China for Chinese treatments.

See some pictures during their treatment process

Group consultation of doctor

For Kidney Damage Patients, Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice

When they just came our hospital, the father had severe Swelling and creatinine reached at 755umol/L. The son’s High Creatinine Level was 622umol/L, and had the symptoms of fatigue, weakness, high blood pressure, poor appetite, and severe anemia.

No matter Diabetic Nephropathy or Kidney Transplantation, their conditions were complex. To relieve their pain, our doctors and experts made discussion about their illness condition and made out treatment plan.


The older brother did Navel Therapy for the little brother.

For Kidney Damage Patients, Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice

Through the characteristic treatments of Toxin-Removing Therapy, including Navel Therapy, Fumigation Therapy (Moxibustion Therapy), Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the son’s body had great improvement. The anemia symptom disappeared, blood pressure was controlled well and he could walk freely with full energy.

He did practice with our nurse.

For Kidney Damage Patients, Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice

This little patient was very sensible. During the treatment, he would take care of his father. “Before I didn’t touch the Chinese treatment at all, now I feel it is magical. It not only let my swelling disappears, but also let my son regains health.”

For Kidney Damage Patients, Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice

In fact, for Kidney Disease patients, taking kidney transplant is not a wise choice. What you should pay attention to is protecting the residual kidney function as soon as possible.

Proper treatment is essential for Kidney Disease treatment, including Diabetic Nephropathy. More information about Chinese treatments, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free. Expert will reply you as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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