Toxin-Removing Therapy for Recurrent Proteinuria in Membranous Nephropathy

2017-02-09 15:56

Toxin-Removing Therapy for Recurrent Proteinuria in Membranous NephropathyWhy Proteinuria will relapse again and again? How to treat it naturally and effectively? Here we recommend Toxin-Removing Therapy for you to treat recurrent proteinrua radically.

Last year, LuLu was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy with protein 2+ and Edema. Taking steroids for three weeks, her edema disappeared and protein was +-. And then she left hospital with her family.

After coming back home, her edema appeared continuously. They were worried and always looked for effective treatment. By chance, one of her friends told her our hospital can help her. She came to here with hopes.

Our hospital is a specialized kidney disease hospital for about 30 years. Toxin-Removing Therapy as the characteristic treatment can help control the recurrent proteinuria completely.

After taking systemic checkup, we found that her condition was not IgA Nephropathy but Membranous Nephropathy. We gave her toxin-removing therapy as the treatment.

Through Toxin-Removing Therapy, the toxins and wastes of blood are discharged from the body via urine and skin effectively, which provides good internal environment for kidney cells self-repair and the further medication. With the help of toxin-removing therapy, it effectively eliminates stubborn edema and intractable proteinuria.

Through a period of treatment, her edema disappeared and 24UPr reduced to 0.71g.

After several days of monitor, her condition was stable and then she discharged hospital with satisfied result.

Toxin-removing therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and is helpful for Kidney Disease patients. If you want to know more details, you can leave message below or consult our ONLINE DOCTOR freely. Good luck!


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