Effective Treatment for Kidney Failure Patient after Transplantation

2017-02-05 15:47

Effective Treatment for Kidney Failure Patient after TransplantationThe patient comes from Oman, 18 years old. He has taken Kidney Transplant for 13 years. While due to various factors, he has to come to China for treating Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level. What is his treatment in detail? Let’s have a look.

He has proteinuria for 14 years that can not control effectively. Three months ago, his body started to reject the transplanted kidney, and the test report showed he was in Kidney Failure again. In order to treat kidney failure, he took Hemodialysis for three months. However, it has no obvious improvement for his condition. For further treatment, he came to our hospital.

In here, his illness condition has great change, looking at these comparison pictures.

Through 15 days of Chinese Treatments, his Creatinine level reduced to 502umol/L from 622umol/L, and BUN reduced to 17.9mmol/L from 19.0mmol/L.

Effective Treatment for Kidney Failure Patient after Transplantation Effective Treatment for Kidney Failure Patient after Transplantation

His pallid complexion becomes healthy. Proteinuria disappears, and Swelling caused by protein leakage also disappears naturally. Continuous treatment is necessary for him. Best wishes!

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