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Chinese Treatment for Protein 8.8g and Repeated Swelling

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-01-25 16:34

Two years ago, due to Swelling, Xiao Jia came to hospital for checkup and was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Doctor gave him hormones to control swelling. He takes them for two years.

His urine volume becomes less and less due to the long-term hormones treatment, at the same time pitting swelling also appears. For further treatment, he came to our hospital.

Considering the long-term intake of hormones and proteinuria, his kidney has been damaged seriously, there must be too many toxins in blood. So we take Toxin-removing Therapy first to discharge the toxic products and then reduce protein 8.8g. Chinese medicine treatments we take are aiming to remove the complexes and toxins in basement membrane and repair it from the root. As long as protein is controlled, swelling will disappear naturally.

Chinese Treatment for Protein 8.8g and Repeated Swelling

Through about ten days of treatment, swelling disappeared, his weight lost 6kg, and 24UPr reduced to 0.25g.

Chinese Treatment for Protein 8.8g and Repeated Swelling

After twenty days of Chinese Medicine Treatments, his protein was negative. The test result is 0.12g. Seeing the curative effects, Xiao Jia was happy and said that he could come back home to enjoy Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year with his family.

Chinese Treatment for Protein 8.8g and Repeated Swelling

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