Kidney Failure Patient Get Rid of Dialysis Successfully

2016-12-15 14:16

Kidney Failure,Get Rid of Dialysis,Chinese MedicineNot all patients with kidney disease have to relay on Dialysis in the rest of their life. For some patients, they still have great chance to get rid of dialysis.

ANWAR is a 25 years old male from Egypt, due to Repeated facial erythema and joint pain he has had dialysis for one month in the local hospital. No other choice for him, so that he decided to come to our hospital for the treatment.

The blood routine examination in our hospital shown that the hemoglobin was 84g/L, red blood cells count was 2.75×1012/L. The renal function test shown that his serum creatinine level was 578umol/L, BUN 46.7mmol/L, UA 620umol/L.

According to his disease condition, our doctor made a treatment plan for him which is consisted by Top Seven TCM Therapies.

After 25 days treatment, his disease turned to good side and you can see that the swollen on his legs disappeared. The blood routine examination shown that his hemoglobin was 112g/L, red blood cells count was 3.60×1012/L. The renal function test shown that the serum creatinine level was 517umol/L, BUN 30.8mmol/L, UA 30.8mmol/L.

After he discharged out of our hospital, our doctor prescribed him some Chinese Medicines to consolidate the curative effect. One month later after he back home his serum creatinine level downs to 270umol/L,then he need to take dialysis once per week. Two months later after he back home his serum creatinine level downs to 160umol/L, then he decided to stop dialysis.

This is a real case in our hospital. Maybe most of you still cannot believe that dialysis can be stopped in some cases. If you want to know more about this kind of cases or want to know more about Top Seven TCM Therapies, please contact with us now, we will try our best to help you.



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