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Urine Output Increased & Creatinine Decreased Due to Chinese Medicine Treatment

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-05 11:34

Urine Output Increased,Creatinine Decreased,Chinese Medicine TreatmentFor diabetic nephropathy patients that both diabetes, creatinine level and other symptoms on them are really hard to control. But over here we use Chinese medicine do a great help for our patient.

Patient name: Mansoor

Gender: Male

Age: 46 yesars old

Country: Pakistan

Diagnose: Stage 5 diabetic nephropathy,diabetes, renal anemia and renal hypertension

Know about the illness condition of him we should back to 18 years ago,he went to see a doctor for increased urination and hunger. At that time, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Creatinine started to rise three years ago.

He was admitted to our hospital on Oct.25th,2013.The admission checkup reveled: BP: 140/90mmHg, Urine volume: 300ml/24h, Serum potassium: 5.19mmol/L, Creatinine:1011umol/L, BUN:19mmol/L.

He was diagnosed with stage 5 diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, renal hypertension and anemia after a series of detailed test in our hospital.

We made a personalized treatment regime for him according to his specific illness condition. Chinese medicines are the main treatments in the whole treatment process including Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath and oral Chinese medicines. These medicines function together to control the symptoms and improve the patients’ overall condition by restoring the impaired kidney structure and enhancing renal function.

After a period of treatment, blood pressure recovered normal. The checkup result after the treatment revealed: creatinine 745 umol, protein in urine 1.8g/24h, and urine output 1000ml/24 h.

Our treatment mainly aims at restoring the impaired kidney structure to improve renal function.Therefore,the discomforts and complications of kidney failure can be controlled fundamentally. Most of the patients can return to a high-quality life.

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