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High Creatinine Level 752umol/L, Swelling Legs, Shortness Of Breath, What is the Solution

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-03 11:32

Creatinine 752umol/L,Swelling Legs,Shortness Of BreathPatients in stage of Uremia are easily to have lots of severe symptoms. Swelling legs, high creatinine level and shortness of breath can bring risk for patients. For that, we have solution.

Patient name: IIham

Gender: Male

Age: 48 years old

Country: Brunei

Diagnose: Uremia, High Creatinine

Patient information:

One year ago, he found there was swelling in his legs. But he did not pay attention to that. He still drank. The next day, his swelling legs became severe. At this condition, he went to hospital for a checkup. The medical reports showed that his serum creatinine level was 800umol/L. He had been in uremia stage.

Even if his creatinine level was too high, he did not take any treatment. He did not go to hospital until he cannot breathe.

In Brunei, doctor told him there is no other option for his disease except for dialysis so he began dialysis. However, his breath problem did not be improved. In order to have a new choice for the his treatment, he came to China.

The creatinine level after dialysis is 752umol/L. Kidney function cannot be recovered in a short time. With Chinese Medicines, his symptoms like difficult in breath and swelling in legs can be relieved quickly.

A week later, his creatinine level 752umol/L is reduced to 587umol/L. Although there is some improvement of his kidney function, it is not enough. He still needs to take medicine at home to consolidate the curative effects. At the same time, our doctors will give special attention to his condition regularly.

Chinese medicine treatment is the mainly treatment for him over here. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and other effective treatments have been used for his treatment.

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