PKD Can Be Improved in 15 Days' Treatment Over Here

2016-11-29 08:55

PKD,Chinese Medicine Treatment,Control CystsPolycystic Kidney Disease, is a genetic kidney disease with numerous cysts on kidneys. The cysts can get enlarged over time, which can oppress surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage. In some severe cases, the large cyst can get ruptured easily, which can cause the severe blood in urine. Chinese medicine treatment will be a good choice for PKD patients.

Name: Lee

Gender: Female

Age: 43 Years Old

Diagnose: PKD

Patient Infroamtion Word:

Lee is a PKD patients for many years, although she took good care of her condition, but she still got very bad symptoms with the disease. One day, she found her urine became black with severe back pain, she was so scared. Then her husband took her to our Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, trying to get systematic treatment here.

When she just came to our hospital, she already had blood in urine for 3 days, and the severe back pain made her cant walk by herself. After taking CT scan, it showed that both her kidneys had been enlarged, which are larger than 25 cm. 24 hours’ protein in urine was 2.37 g.

After getting her test reports, our experts made a expert consultation to analyze her disease and make a systematic treatment for her condition. The treatment includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, and so on. All these therapies are natural treatment in our hospital.

After taking about 13 days’ systematic treatment, we can see great changes in her urine, from black to red, then to yellow. We can even see the discharge of immune complexes from her urine.

In addition, both her kidneys have been shrunk to 19 cm, and the cysts got smaller. Her 24 hours’ protein in urine also reduced to 0.78 g within only 15 days.

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