Stage 5 CKD Patients Still Have Great Chance to Live a Better Life

2016-10-01 11:05

Stage 5 CKD,Chinese Medicine Treatment,No DialysisDo not always think there have not any hope for patients with Stage 5 CKD, as a matter of fact, with effective treatment, they can also have a better life. Let’ s see the curative effect about this young patient in our hospital. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.


Gender: male

Age: 18

Country: Nigeria

Mainly reason: Intermittent edema of the lower extremities for 6 years, serum creatinine increased for 3 years, hemodialysis for 1 year.

Admission time: September 9, 2016 9:00

Admission medical examination: T 36.4 P 72 beats / min, R18 beats / min, BP:160/110mmHg,the face looking dark, self-inductance weakness, no appetite, hemoglobin: 83g / L, serum creatinine 1398ummoL / L, urea nitrogen 24.7mmoL /L.

Diagnosis: Stage 5 CKD

Treatment: characteristic treatment in our hospital: Micro-Chinese Medicine, umbilical therapy, oral Chinese medicine, acupuncture, guilt therapy and reduce high blood pressure, diuretic detoxification, correct anemia with drug treatment.

Recently curative effect: after 2 weeks’ treatment the illness condition of patients as following: Patients with ruddy and shiny skin, he said he feel more power than before and no more nausea and vomiting, sleep quality has improved significantly. These improvements are due to that Chinese medicine can help patients improve blood circulation. Now the blood pressure is controlled between 140-160/90-100mmHg.

New test about him: Hemoglobin 90g / L, serum creatinine 1049mmoL / L, urea nitrogen 16.6mmoL / L. He is very satisfied with the current condition now.

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