How Does Chinese Medicine Treatment Treat for ESRD or Uremia

2016-09-15 11:42

ESRD or Uremia,Chinese Medicine Treatment,No DialysisHow does Chinese Medicine Treatment treat for ESRD or Uremia? In most countries that the best choice for patients with ESRD or Uremia is kidney transplant. Most people think it is the only way which can cure kidney disease. While it can not cure kidney disease also and it is not the only way for this kind of patients now. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

KENKHRONEO was just 29 years old when he came to our hospital for the treatment. Mainly disease for him are Chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney failure( uremic stage), renal anemia, renal hypertension, and a serious of complications due to kidney disease and no effective treatment for long time.

Admission examination showed that his kidney function indicators: creatinine 1004umol/L, BUN 29.8mmol/L, UA 432umol/L. Creatinine was too high for him at that time, so the first step for him should be reduce creatinine to decrease the damage in kidneys.

Toxin-Removing Therapy helped him clean toxins in blood which can help him reduce creatinine and control illness condition well. Matched with other Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital that his illness condition had great improvement during the treatment.

BUN down to 13.9mmol/L, creatinine down to 657umol/L, UA 299umol/L. That are the indicators about his kidney function when he leave our hospital.

For his condition and all patients with this kind of illness condition that ay attention to daily diet and rest, do some exercise and do not over work, keep good mood and take medicine timely will be very helpful for them in most time.

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