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Chinese Medicine Can Help PKD with Creatinine 1720 Get Rid of Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-08-15 11:02

PKD,Creatinine 1720,Get Rid of Dialysis,Chinese MedicineThere are some words that I want to tell more PKD patients who are suffering from pain due to PKD now.

I was diagnosed as PKD about 17 years ago, and 5 years ago my disease progressed into Kidney Failure and the serum creatinine level increased to 1720umol/L, the doctor recommend dialysis to me, so i accepted it. But you know what? After a period of treatment, i got more symptoms, such as itching and dizzy. Besides that i became more and more weak, i even lost appetite totally, cannot fall asleep well. I was going to crazy. Oh, God, that really was a hard time for me.

I heard that Chinese Medicine is helpful for my disease, so i came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital on August 8, 2015, then, the test shown that Protein2+, occult blood+, serum creatinine 1121umol/L, BUN 18.3mmol/L, UA 361umol/L, my blood pressure once up to 150/110mmHg.

The doctor told me that my disease cannot be cured totally, but they can control it and help me get rid of dialysis gradually. At last, they did it! It is unbelievable! Before taking Chinese Medicine Treatment i have to take dialysis 3 times/week, and now just after 26 days treatment, i just need to take 1 times/week, i know that as long as i insist my treatment, i can get rid of dialysis in the near future. I am so glad to share the treatment i received here.

Diet plan-low salt, low fat, low potassium, low phosphorus, low purine, high quality protein

Treatment plan:

Dialysis 1 time/week, 3.5hours/time

Maikang Mixture 30ml/times, 3times/day

Hot Compress Therapy 2 times/day,

Edema Therapy 2 times/day

Foot Bath Therapy 2 times/day

Toxin-Removing Treatment

After treatment, my appetite back again, and i also can enjoy my sleep just like before. All those tests shown my condition is going to good side. I am so happy that I can go back without any worrying as before, that should be the best thing for me.

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