CKD Stage 5 Caused by Chronic Glomerulonephritis Patient Treated Well by Chinese Medicine

2016-07-31 09:32

CKD Stage 5 Caused by Chronic Glomerulonephritis Patient Treated Well by Chinese MedicineChronic Glomerulonephritis is a kind of kidney disease which can be cured in most time with suitable and timely treatment. But without timely and suitable treatment it can lead to severe kidney problem in the end. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

In our hospital there are so many this kind of patients, there one of them, you can see about him to get what you want.

MOHAMMED is a Libyan patient and 39 years old, which has treated in our hospital by Toxin-Removing Therapy due to Chronic Glomerulonephritis, CKD Stage 5, renal anemia, renal hypertension and Hyperuricemia.

Due to Chronic glomerulonephritis that his condition was not good and reached into CKD stage 5 when he came to our hospital on May 9, 2013. Prior to this, he has suffered from double eyes and lower extremity edema for 5 years, the blood pressure has been reached into 180/100mmHg, creatinine 1131umol/L, BUN 16.5mmol/L, UA 464mol/L.

According to his condition that our doctors gave him low-salt, low-fat, high-quality low-protein and low-purine diet. The process of the treatment are control blood pressure, supplement vitamin and correct anemia. Besides necessary oral western medicine and other treatment, that the mainly treatment--Toxin-Removing Therapy for him include oral Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine, Foot Bath therapy and so on. They can help him clean toxins in blood, promote blood circulation and blood stasis, improve blood circulation to repair damaged kidney tissues.

When he leave our hospital his creatinine down to 553umol/L, BUN 8.7mmol/L, UA 117mmol/L.

In this kind of condition patients also need to prepare some necessary Chinese medicine and home remedy to consolidate the therapeutic effect.

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