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What is Better Treatment for Uremic Patient with Kidney Stone

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-07-27 11:00

What is Better Treatment for Uremic Patient with Kidney StoneWhat is better treatment for Uremic patient with Kidney Stone at present in our hospital? The characteristic treatments in our hospital are mainly based on Chinese medicine. There are so many people have so many doubts about Chinese medicine treatment at present. While you should know about that for kidney stone that Chinese medicine will treat it much better than western medicine. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

MAKO came to our hospital to take our Chinese medicine treatment-- Toxin-Removing Therapy is due to that her left started to shrink, the mainly reason about it are caused by left kidney stone for 23 years. Like most other people with kidney stone, she did not pay attention for the it at first, but the illness condition became more and more severe. Even though she had take surgery for removing stone in kidney but it still can not stop the development of disease.

September 7, 2014 she came to our hospital. The first test report about her illness condition at that time are: creatinine 725umol/L, BUN 8.2mmol/L, UA 262umol/L, protein 2+, occult blood 3+. The mainly disease for her is not only kidney stone, but also have kidney cyst, kidney failure( uremic stage) and a serious of complications.

Our experts treated her with Toxin-Removing Therapy which include: Maikang Mixture, Chinese medicine for external application and foot bath therapy. After 28 days, creatinine down to 174umol/L, BUN 1.4mmol/L, UA 43mmol/L. With this good curative effect she backed home with our medicine and still have a stable illness condition at present. I think that should be the best proof for people to see the function about Chinese medicine and treatment.

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