Toxin-Removing Therapy is Good at Treating for Kidney Stone for Uremic Patient

2016-07-22 10:19

Toxin-Removing Therapy is Good at Treating for Kidney Stone for Uremic PatientToxin-Removing Therapy is Good at Treating for Kidney Stone for Uremic Patient. To be honest, Chinese medicine treat for kidney stone has a very amazing curative effect. Only depend on infection medicine is not enough for patients. Chinese medicine can also help uremic patient with kidney stone a lot.

MAKO is a 34 patient with uremia and kidney stone at the same time for so many years. The kidney stone has bothered her for 23 years. Like most patients her ignorance about it lead to left kidney shrink. Due to that she has to take dialysis from10 years ago.

There is a terrible treatment experience for her, due to kidney stone that there are so many other complications with her such as kidney cyst, kidney failure, renal anemia, renal shrink. She had took kidney transplant before. While both of the treatment in her country can not help her well. That is the reason why she chose our hospital and Toxin-Removing Therapy.

Our experts gave her a detailed test when she arrived at our hospital. The test report about her kidney function include: creatinine 725umol/L, BUN 8.2mmol/L, UA( uric acid) 262umol/L.

After a period of treatment by Toxin-Removing Therapy which include Chinese medicine and treatments that her creatinine down to 174umol/L, BUN 1.4mmol/L, UA 43mmol/L.

Now her spirit is very good and no comforts as so far. She will discharge out of our hospital in a few days. The doctor has prepared the suitable medicine and home remedies for her to have a better recover at home.

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