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Chinese Medicines Can Give Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Hope

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-07-10 17:35

Chinese Medicines Can Give Diabetic Nephropathy Patients HopeI thought i have to relay on insulin for the rest of my life, because the glucose level once up to 3+, but it is the Chinese Medicines bring me the hope and brave to fight against with this disease. Now i am so glad to share my story with you.

KAYODE, a 59 years old male from Nigeria, before coming to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for further treatment he has been suffered from 7 years of intermittent waist pain and gross hematuria,and the serum creatinine level went to high level 3 years ago. He though there will have no chance for hime to control his disease and dialysis will be necessary for the rest of his life. Our hospital-- Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, give him a new life.

When he arrived at our hospital his blood pressure is 140/80mmHg , Protein1+, glucose3+, Serum creatinine 567umol/L BUN 15.0mmol/L. The condition is really terrible for him at that moment.

The doctor cooperated with experts team made a treatment plan for him. There are some different from other hospital, except guiding him how to do the treatment, the doctor also helping him to solve some personal things, such as laundry, shopping, cooking and so on. We will do what we can to help all patients.

Under our good care, his overall condition goes well day by day, only after 29 days treatment, blood pressure level downs to 130/80mmHg, Serum creatinine level 496umol/L, BUN 18.1mmol/L. The point is his glucose level goes to stable finally, so he do not need to depend on insulin any more.

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