Proteinuria Due to FSGS Can be Reduced by Disinfection Therapy

2016-06-24 11:54

Proteinuria Due to FSGS Can be Reduced by Disinfection TherapyOne of the most common symptoms of FSGS is proteinuria, which also named as foamy urine and protein in urine. It is a direct sign for patients to care about their kidney health. Disinfection Therapy is different from dialysis, which can treat for FSGS and reduce proteinuria effectively.

This is a FSGS patient, he has suffered from proteinuria for 10 years and high creatinine for over 4 years. Dialysis for this kind of patients is necessary in most time. So he had to take dialysis in order to reduce the pain due to FSGS and proteinuria. As we all known that dialysis is able to alleviate symptoms effectively but can not treat for kidney problems from the root. Repeated illness made him great pain. After he know about our Disinfection Therapy and learn about the curative effects of patients in our hospital. Then he decided to give himself one more chance to have a better life.

We did not let him down, Disinfection therapy clean toxins in blood at first and then uses the Chinese medicine to treat for FSGS from root. Thus help him reduced creatinine level and proteinuria, repair kidney damage and improve kidney function to prevent the relapse of FSGS and proteinuria.

Now his condition is stable and have more spirit than before, proteinuria disappear gradually. He is so happy to see that great improvement, and we too.

Have one more try for your disease, there will be a great chance for you to have a better life.

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